John Hanke spricht im Interview über Ingress Prime, dessen Verknüpfung zum Anime, Recursion und eine neue AR-Intel

Niantic hat #IngressPrime einer Gruppe von Journalisten vorgestellt. Das komplette Transkript des anschließenden Interviews mit Niantic CEO John Hanke, Senior Engineer Niniane Wang, Produktmanager Scot Frank und Marketingfachmann Andrew McIntosh könnt ihr bei lesen. Die Highlights daraus sind:

  • Mehr Unterstützung für Live-Events in IngressPrime.
    Ingress Prime has better narrative features, a companion anime TV show, augmented reality, and more support for live events.
  • Das neue Prestige-Feature (i.e. Recursion) wird die Basis für neue Aspekte für Gameplay und Leveling.
    The prestige feature (aka Voluntary Agent Recursion) is a building block on some of the new aspects of gameplay and leveling that are to come. Those will be starting with launch and then building into the future.
  • Die neue Einführung ins Spiel soll den Einstieg ähnlich wie bei PokemonGo vereinfachen.
    When you experience the Ingress Prime onboarding, you’ll encounter Ada and Jarvis in a much more personalized way than you did in the first version of the game. They really handhold you through that onboarding experience. We’re looking directly at how Pokemon Go got so many users so quickly and made it so easy for them to get into the game.
  • Anime und IngressPrime sollen so viel wie möglich durch Live-Events verknüpft werden.
    The anime – even though that’s been established and the story’s not going to change live, we’re definitely going to be connecting to the game as much as possible through things like live ops.
  • Die Anime-Serie hat 11 Folgen.
  • Niantic scheint außerdem eine AR-Erweiterung der Intel zu planen, die bei der Planung von OPs helfen soll.
    In terms of planning some of the strategic ops — during anomaly gameplay, or even if you just want to put a field up over Oakland, being able to see what links fall where, which portals are key in order to capture Jack London Square, for example — that’s one way in which this AR intel map would come in handy.